ISSN: 1817-2695

Volume 31, Issue 2

Volume 31, Issue 2, Spring 2005, Page 1-76

Study and Compression for Image Files


Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 1-9

In This research Bmp file study and compression method. This method is depend on files data bytes partition to binary , such file data transfer to serial from binary store in extended file as first stage , after that Run Length method application on this extended file to produce very small size file contain on binary value and repeating of this is compression as second stage , after that work on deleting all binary from produce file from previous stage , expect first binary only is stable and repeating values from previous file , therefore as operation to obtain is half size of previous file approximately .
The produce file it is image compression file with very small size consist repeating and the first binary value ,after that repeat the picture from compression file by decompression method by depending on the first binary value to generate next binary values and assemble the binary values after generate to be bytes and from that obtain Bmp image file

The preparation and identification of a new azo dye 1-(6-ethoxy-2-benzothazol azo)-2-naphthol


Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 28-35

A new azo dye derived from 2-Amino-6-ethoxy benzothiazol and 2-naphthol is prepared which decomposes at 179-180 C and identified by IR through the appearance of (N=N) group in the region 1520 cm-1 in addition to other bands that affirm the suggested structure of the compound.The UV –visible spectrum in dioxane solvent show two absorption bands ,the first at 378 nm is attributed to a( Л Л) transition with in benzothiazole group and the second at 490 nm is attributed to a ( Л Л) transition within the whole conjugated system in the molecule.
The elemental analysis (CHN) affirms the rightness of the suggested structure of the compound by the accordance of both theoretical and practical results.

Levels of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Water and Sediment from Iraqi Regional Waters

Ali Mahdi Nasir

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 36-42

Levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons concentration had been measured in water and sediment from Umm Qaser and four stations of Iraqi marine water. The highest levels of petroleum hydrocarbons in water were 46.40 μg / l and 192.34 μg / gm in the sediment of Umm Qaser port during July 2002, while the lowest levels were 4.92 μg / l in water during May 2002 and 16.34 μg / gm in the sediment of Basrah port during January 2002. The results showed variations in the concentrations and increased in some stations. This conforms the probability of petroleum leak. An irregular leakage in Iraqi marine water due to transportation of ship and industrial process.

Effect of Potassium Fertilizer application on growth and yield of Corn (Zea mays L .)


Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 43-49

Afield experiment study was conducted during the corn growing autmn season 2004
to find out the effects of various three potassium fertilizer application (mixed and
mixed &foliar treatments).
The results showed that this fertilizer treatments has asignificant effects on
the K concentraition , K up take , dry matter and seeds yield . The application method M3
(80% mixed and 20% foliar ) gave the highest (6.37 T/ ha) corn grain yield in
compensation with other treatment and the K levels K3 (150Kg K2O/ h ) gave the highest
(6.70 T / h) grain yield also . The data of interaction among the methods and the K
fertilizer levels showed significant effects in which M3K3 appeared the highest grain yield
(7.70 T /h) . Results showed also that there was little reduction in K concentraition with
the followed foliar applications at the mixed treatment where as the mixed & foliar
treatments showed significant increasing in K concentraition after 10 days from the
first foliar treatment .


Aqeel Hadi Abdul- Wahid; ABDUL KAREEM M ABED

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 64-68

This study was conducted during cultivation season 2004 .In Abu-AlKhaseeb region –Basrah .To include some chemical and physical features of eight different cultivars of Date Palm in Kuala stage namely (Hillawi,Sayer,Am-Aldahen,Maktoom,Braim,Khadraouy,Barhi and Lelwi).The results of current study showed to that the fruit weight average was superior in the cultivars Maktoom and Barhi c.v with significant difference than other cultivars ,also Maktoom c.v was superior in seed weight average ,about pulp/seed ratio paramount ,the Barhi cultivar had the higher average, the highest average of water content was recorded in Hillawi and Barhi . The results of dry matter percentage analysis revealed that the percentage was supassed in Sayer and Maktoom c.v.The highest average of total sugar was Barhi .Protein content was superior in Am-Aldahen ,Kadhraouy,Maktoom and Braim in comparison with other cultivars.Whil the average of total solube solid was recoded in Braim ,khadhraouy , Sayer Barhi and with significant difference than other cultivars.

Designed and assembled of ( Aquatic Lux Meter ) apparatus for measurment of light intensity in different depths of water

S.B . Abdullah

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 69-76

Aquatic lux meter was designed and assembled for measurment of light intensity of different depths by using Selenium photocell. This apparatus depends on light penetration as energy to work. Specifications of this apparatus high speed, accurate measurment, measurment range 300/1000/3000 lx full-scale, 3ranges. Aquatic lux meter was used for measurment of light intensity in different depths of water in sea, oceans, esturine and limnology.