ISSN: 1817-2695

Volume 33, Issue 3

Volume 33, Issue 3, Summer 2007, Page 1-37

Develop Security of Non-linear Stream Cipher System Based on Adder

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 33, Issue 3, Pages 1-6

The strength of stream cipher system depends on the strength of keystream generator. The generator generates pseudo-random-sequence which passes randomness tests. Non-linear stream cipher based on Adder has a number of shortages. This weakness is failure of randomness tests and success of correlation attacks. In this paper, Adder is developed by inserting a third shift register. It leads to improve the generator to pass randomness tests. Also, the non-linear complexity is increased and correlation attack is faced.

Study The Effect of Nitrogen and Iron Application on Productivity of Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L. CV. Hellawi

Khadm Ibrahm Abbas; Dhia Ahmed Taain; Ahmed Madi Wahid

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 33, Issue 3, Pages 15-19

This work was carried out during the growth season of 2005 to study the effect of Nitrogen and Iron on productivity of date palm trees grown in Al-Hartha region, Basrah.
Four treatments were used in this work. Some of the trees were sprayed with urea (1% w/v) month before flowering, others were treated with urea (1% w/v) month before flowering and after perfect fruit set while the rest sprayed with FeSO4 (250ppm) month before flowering and after perfect fruit set in addition to control (distil water only).
Results of this study indicated that spraying trees with urea (1% w/v) before flowering and after fruit set was the best in increasing the yield, the leaves content of nitrogen and decreasing the percentage of dropping fruits. Followed by the treatment with urea (1% w/v) before flowering. The treatment with FeSO4 led to an increase in yield, decrease the dropping fruit percentage as compared with control.

Design Of A solar Dryer Provided With Back And Heating systems And Its Testing In The Drying Of Fishes And meats

Asaad R. AL-Hilphy Ghyath.H.majeed

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 33, Issue 3, Pages 20-30

A solar dryer was designed for fish and meat drying . Its consist of solar collector with ribbed absorbent plate , its dimensions 1*0.5 m2 and drying chamber contains ten beds , plastic pipe that humid air carry to the head of solar collector and small kerosene cooker under drying chamber .The results showed that the solar dryer enable usage in the winter and summer semesters, rainy and cloudy days for drying fishes and meats .The consumption time to drying , drying efficiency , rate of dehydration , drying rate and mean of humidity reducing higher than usage of natural sun drying . And showed the results the drying rate for fish and meat was multi stage for two methods of drying, exception dried fish by natural sun drying. .



Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 33, Issue 3, Pages 31-37

This study was conducted during cultivation season 2006 .In Abu-AlKhaseeb region –Basrah.The result showed that pollinaters had no significant effect on fruits content from protein and total amino acids in cultivares Um AL-dehin .Where as cultivare Braime had a significant effect exceeded Khikri adi where gave the highest content for protein ,but Ghannami Akhder showed the highest content for total amino acids.The effects of pollinaters in fruits content for amino acids were significant for many amino acids in two cultivares Um AL-dehin and Braime where both Ghannmi Akhder and Khikri Adi were exceed significant in content of amino acids .Ghannmi Akhder significantly exceeded compared with other cultivares in content of (oleic,palmitoleic ,lenolic and myrstic) for Um AL-dehin.Brame cultivare it was found significant deference among cultivares andpresence of significant differences for fatty acids . Ghannmi Akhder and Khikri Adi significant exceeded for fruits content for (oleic,palmitic, myrstic,stearic and palmitolic ).