ISSN: 1817-2695

Volume 34, Issue 4

Volume 34, Issue 4, Autumn 2008, Page 1-52

Theoretical Study in the Molecular Chemisorption on Solid Surfaces:

Musa Kadhim Shamer; Dr. J.M.Al-Mukh; And

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 1-16

In this work, extended theoretical study for the molecular chemisorption for diatomic molecule on metals surfaces is presented.Our treatment is based on Anderson model for the atomic chemisorption , since the molecule is considered as two atoms interacted between each other and with the surface. And by getting use of incorporating the surface temperature effect , analytic expressions are derived for the occupation numbers of the virtual atomic energy states. The direct and indirect interactions and also the image, and correlation effects are all taken into account .
Our treatment is applied for the system H2/W, since the occupation numbers and all the related chemisorption functions are calculated as a functiona of the normal distance between the surface and molecule as well as the distance between the atoms . The results explain the well known physical general feathures for the system .

The Screening Effect(Screened Coulomb Potential) in Long-Range van der Waals and Retardation Coefficients for H-Solid Surface Interaction

Majid. M. Jasim; San; a K. Khalff

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 17-29

In this paper , we calculated the long – range van der Waals coefficient C3 for hydrogen atom interact with many solid surfaces (conductor , semiconductor and insulator ) , and we calculated the retardation coefficient f3(R) for these interactions, all of these calculations were achieved for atom with a single valence electron moving in a screened coulomb potential and for a different screening lengths D . Our study require to evaluate the radial wave functions numerically for hydrogen atom under the effect of the screening by using the static screened coulomb potential, and , we computed accurately the transition energies E for each value of screening length D .The computed wave functions inters in calculating of the dynamic dipole polarizability which is derived by using (KPS) method, and it is combined between the perturbation and variation methods . Finally, two variational constants in the variational function are calculated, this is lead to two values of the effective transition frequencies wi and two corresponding effective oscillator strengths zi .Our results are in a good agreement with other researchers with respect to the values of the van der Waals coefficient C3 at neglecting the effect of the screening (D=∞) .

Using group of statistical operator toward Optimal segmentation of Arabic word signal to its basic phonemes

Esra; a Jassim Harfash

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 30-38

In this research, we are segment the sound Arabic signal to its basic group of phonemes depending on three statistical operators that are( mean ,standard deviation ,covariance) to reduce the error in determining the correct points segment . Each operator is implemented on the data of the sound entered word and then the results are manipulated by some processes that give intermediate results , these results (from each implementing of operator) merges together and give union results that are passed to postprocessing in order to prepare to find the points segment in high efficient.

Designing Four Portable Models for Filtering or Sterilizing Liquids

H.T.Al-Hadeethi; A.A.Al-Mayah; A.R.Hashim; A.M.R.Al-Taee

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 39-46

Inexpensive and available materials have been employed to designing four portable field models which can be used for filtering or sterilizing liquids. The first two models have been made from modifying glass syringe in the glass work –shop at Science College. These two models have two parts (connecting by two spiral spring ), the first as a container for liquid and the second including the cylinder and its piston. At the end of the clinder there was pad fpr membrane filter. The first model was apposite for membrane filter with diameter 25 mm, while the second model for 47mm.
The third model has been made from modifying plastic syring by cutting and binding a cap of can as pad for membrane filter and can as container of liquids. The fourth model was similar to the third model but differ by exchanging the plastic piston with steely piston designer in turning work-shop. This piston was accouplement by two screws fixing it in the cylinder which base by steely handles and third screw can easy gliding when circulation by hand controlling the movement of the piston. The fouth model gave easy overpowering the low pressure inside the cylinder without suffering by holding with hand . The calibrating results of the four model with standard model showed interrelate efficient in filtering and sterilizing liquids.

Effect of the various body measurements on the reproductive performance in Arabi ewes: 1. Influence on the prolificacy rate

T. A. Jaayid and M. F. Al-Hello

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 47-52

This study was conducted on ten commercial herds in the Almodayna erea, province of Basrah. 863 Arabi ewes were used with different ages (1-5 years), aimed to study the influence of various body measurements (body length, height at shoulder, height at rump, chest circumference and girth circumference) on the reproductive performance of Arabi ewes. The study revealed that the body measurements: body length, height at shoulder, height at rump, chest circumference and girth circumference were 70.96±0.09, 51.81±0.07, 54.7±0.08, 90.93±0.13 and 94.68±0.15, respectevelly. Also the present study revealed that the body measurements affected on the prolificacy rate (twins), the ewes lambing twins had better physical situation (body measurements) than ewes lambing single (73.27 ± 0.20, 53.17±0.34, 55.66±0.41, 93.20±0.50 and 97.41±0.65) and (70.85±0.09, 51.74±0.07, 54.00±0.08, 90.82±0.14 and 94.55±0.16), respectively. Positive correlations between various body measurements were recorded, there were a high correlation coefficients among the chest circumference and girth circumference (+0.90±0.04), height at shoulder and chest circumference (+0.83±0.07), height at shoulder and girth circumference (+0.64±0.12), height at rump and girth circumference (+0.65±0.11), while significant correlation were recorded among the height at shoulder and chest circumference (+0.47±0.16) and height at rump and chest circumference (+0.52±0.15). can conclude from the present study the possibility of the selection of animals through various body measurements to improve the situation of domestic animals, especially with regard to reproductive efficiency already low in these animals.