ISSN: 1817-2695

Volume 35, Issue 4

Volume 35, Issue 4, Autumn 2009, Page 1-27

Effect Of Some Plants Extracts Additions To Culture Media Used for Growth and Development Of date Palm

Al-Taha and; Huda A; Ansam M. S. Al-Kabi; Montaha J. Kadom

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 35, Issue 4, Pages 1-6

A study was conducted to find the effect of leaf extract of Cabbage
( Brassica oleraceae ) , Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa) and Chard( Beta vulgaris) at concentration of 16 and 32 ml/L on growth and development of embryogenic callus of date palm Cv. Ashgar.
Results showed the Chard leaf extracts at 16ml/L was that best on callus fresh weight which reach 2.58gm, whereas Cabbage extract at 32ml/L decreased callus fresh weight to 0.271 gm. Leaf extract of Lettuce at 16ml/L increased callus dry weight to 0.264 mg. The Cabbage extract at 32ml/L caused decrease of dry weight of callus to 0.090gm. Treatment of Lettuce extract at (16, 32)ml/L and Chard extract at 32ml/L increased somatic embryos (33.00,27.67, 32.33, 34.00) respectively, whereas Cabbage extract at 32ml/L decrease somatic embryos to 5.33.

The Effect of Drug Metronidazole on Sperm Aberration in Laboratory Mice (Mus musculus L.)

Salma S. Abass; Hiba Th. Yser

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 35, Issue 4, Pages 7-13

The current study was designed to investigate the effect of intraperitonial (i.p.) injection of 5000 mg/kg and 2500 mg/kg of Metronidazole in laboratory mice for 14 days on sperms aberration.
The dose 5000 mg/kg of drug Metronidazole caused a significant increase of sperms aberration compared with the dose 2500 mg/kg and control group.

Study the effect of tires pressure on the field performance of Antar 80 tractor

Majed Salih Himoud; Salim Acher Bander

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 35, Issue 4, Pages 14-19

r 80 tractor to investigate the effect different levels of tires pressure on the field performance when field experiments by using the mold oard plough in three depths ( 10, 15, and 20 ) cm for loading Antar 80 tractor.four front speeds (0.48, 0.76, 1.20, 1.68) m/sec., and three levels of air pressure for forward tires of (0.75,1, 1.5) bar were employed .The experiments were carried out in silty lay soil .

The results showed on increase in the roll resistance with increasing the forward speed from 0.48 to 1.68 m/sec . when the forward tires pressure was 1 bar , the roll also increased with an increased forward speed. The result indicated that the 1 bar pressure gave lower roll resistance while the pressures 0.75 and 1 bar gave lower roll than that of 1.5 bar . The lack in the ability ( power) was lower at in the 1 bar than that at other pressures .The pressure 1 bar was the best and gave high tractive efficiency which equal to( 0.74 , 0.78, 0.71) for the air pressures ( 1.5, 1, 0.75) bar respectively .

Requirements of seed hill – drop and fertilizer from draft force, power and fuel consumption

Sh.H.Aday; M.S.Al-bahadeli; M.H. Al-heidary

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 35, Issue 4, Pages 20-27

The present study was carried out in Agriculture mechanization department , college of agriculture, university of Basrah to determine the draft force and power draft requirements the fuel consumption and specific fuel consumption of seed hill –drop and fertilizer . The planter was designed and manufactured in the workshops dept. The planter width was 2.1m and provided with three Suffolk coulters. The planter drawn by Antor 80 .
The experiments was tested using four forward speed 0.48 , 0.76 , 1.20 and 1.68 m/sec , three coulters 2.5 , 5 and 7.5 cm.The experiments were unducted at engine speed of 1500 RPM .
The results showed that increasing the forward speed increase the draft force, and power and fuel consumption. The maximum value of draft force, and power requirement and fuel consumption are 0.97 kN , 1.63 kW and 5.88 kg/h respectively for a depth 7.5 cm . While the minimum value of draft force,and power requirements and the fuel consumption is 0.86 kN , 0.41kW and 3.44 kg/h respectively at depth 2.5 cm . Also, the study showed that increasing forward speed on the upper factors has more effect than that of coulter.
The specific fuel consumption for the planter increased with both the forward speed and the coulters depth .It increased from 1.53to 5.40 kg/kW.h when the forward speed and the coulters depth increased from 0.48 m/sec and 2.5 cm to 1.68 m/sec and 7.5 cm .
The specific fuel consumption for the coulter and the rolling resistance of the tires also increased with both the forward speeds and the coulters depth.