ISSN: 1817-2695

Volume 37, Issue 5

Volume 37, Issue 5, Autumn 2011, Page 1-155

Lattice Thermal Conductivity and Correction Term of (GaN) compound

a M.Ali; Isra

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 1-14

The study surveys the ability of applying the dispersion relation of diatomic lattice provided by Awad, using the Nonequilibrium distribution function, to calculate the lattice thermal conductivity and correction term K for (GaN) compound at temperature range between (5-400K).
The study approaches to a good agreement with the experimental values of the lattice thermal conductivity, especially in the maximum point of the conductivity curve. Also the present work shows very small values for the correction term and its percentage contribution, which could be neglected at wide range of temperature.
We studied the effect of the Awad's temperature exponent m(T) on the lattice thermal conductivity and the correction term. The results showed the possibility of this function to deal with the high temperature lattice thermal conductivity of GaN.
The paper studies the impact of the change in the relaxation rates of phonon scattering by the boundaries, point defects, three phonon and four phonon on the lattice thermal conductivity for both transverse and longitudinal phonons, where a significant impact on the conductivity curves, and difference in effectual values have been noted. The study appoints the temperature range of the activity of the phonon scattering

Isospin and Symmetry Exatations in Light Nuclei Silicon ( 28-32Si) and Magnesium ( 22-26Mg) Isotopes.

Musa Mohammed Mahdy; and; F. H. Khudair

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 31-49

The interacting boson model with isospin (IBM-3) has been used to study the positive parity states in (even-even) 28-32Si and 22-26Mg isotopes . The bands structure and symmetry have been investigated . Special attention is given to the occurrence isospin excitations . To identify nuclei's shape , the energy ratios were calculated . The reduced electric quadruple transitions probability B(E2), the magnetic dipole transitions B(M1) and branch ratios were calculated , and these transitions were compared with available experimental data , well as we study the energy levels for Si and Mg as a function of Majorana parameters which are so necessary for the identification of the mixed symmetry states .The calculated results are compared with available experimental data , and they are in general good agreement . according to our theoretical results , we found that the silicon isotopes belong to the O(6) limit (γ-unstable), while the magnesium isotopes appears the limits of U(5) and Su(3) according to IBM-3 limits properties . It was pointed out that IBM-3 is equitably reliable for the description of spectra and other properties of these nuclei .

ٍٍSeasonal Variations of some Biochemical Aspects for five species of date palm(1-mineral content)

H.T; AL-Saad; Abdul kareem Mohammad abd; A.S; Hantosh A.A; zadan M.A. and kames

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 50-66

The present study was carried out during 2008-2009-2009-2010 ,with in Abu-Alkasshab, of Basra, has been studied metal content of five cultivars (Ghannmi Akhdar,Ghannmi Ahmar .Khikri, Dekel g and Dekel s) of date palm male was found from the statistical analysis cultivars different in content mineral ,may be there great congruity between leap year study .At which excellence whoever Ghannmi Ahmar and Khikri in concentration protein potassium ,continually the first year ,different season at significant excellence, as overlap effect apparent significant .But pollen grain may cultivar Dekel g excellence significant concentration most of composite mineral studied which get well leap year study.

ٍٍSeasonal Variations of some Biochemical Aspects for five species of date palm(2- trace elements )

AL-Saad; zadan M.A. kames; Abdul kareem Mohammad abd; A.S; Hantosh A.A; H.T

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 67-81

The present study was carried out during 2008-2009-2009-2010 ,with in Abu-Alkasshab, of Basra, has been studied the content of trace elements of five cultivar of date palm male (Ghannmi Akhdar,Ghannmi Ahmar .Khikri,
Dekel g and Dekel s) . Notes from result excellence Ghannmi Akhdar significant leap year study at concentration magnesium (0.272 and 0.257%) and silver (0.006 and 0.005%) and Mn(0.283 and 0.269%) and iron (0.647 and 641%)
and copper (0.048 and 0.732)%, respectively. Different seasons at influence may be there simple difference between leap year study ,exist from result statistical analysis significant influence clear overleap (cultivars and seasons )at
leaves content from trace elements ,so status pollen grain too significant excellence at differ .As season significant influence at content soil from trace element studied may note absence elementary influence iron and silver at seasons ,different result at leap year study slight mode

Antioxidant Activity Of Ethanolic And Aqueous Extracts Form Some Fruit

Hilfi; H.J.AL-Mossawi; Sawsan A. H. AL; Aum-El-Basher

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 82-91

This study was conducted on selected fruit such as (Punica granatum L., Ficus carica, Vitis vinifora L., Citrus Limon, Citrus sinensis) to investigate antioxidant activity. The ethanolic and aqueous extracts of the fruits were analyzed for total phenolic content, total flavonoides, antioxidant activities, Reducing power, chelating ions and scavenging hydrogen peroxide. The ethanolic extracts of Punica granatum shown superior there others phenolic compound (83.43 mg/g AGE Equv.), and ficus carioca have a higher flavonides(80.96 mg/g Rutin Equv.) than other extraction, 120mg/g of ethanol and water extracts of Citrus sinensis exhibited 67.12% and 64.51% inhibition of peroxidation in linoleic acid system. Also the ethanolic extract of Citrus show priority in reducing power,chelating of ferrous ion and scavenging of Hydrogen peroxide which were (229.50, 71.38, 85.28%) respectively. Increasing the concentration of the extracts led to increase of antioxidant activity.

Purification and Characterization of alpha-amylase produced from a local Malt Barley

Ghyath .H.Majeed; Ali .A.Sahi Dhia .F .Alfekaiki

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 92-103

The study included , alpha amylase was extracted from malt barley local by Imidazol buffer of pH 7.4 , 0.025 M. Alpha-amylase was purified by number of steps which induced precipitation by ammonium sulphate saturated concentration was 30- 70 % and dialysis was performed against the same buffer . The result extract was passed through a column of sephdex G-100 . Purification was 20.71 fold and enzyme yield was 20.72%. Molecular weight of alpha – amylase was 40000 Dalton as estimated by SDS –Polyacrylamide electrophoresis. Optimum pH for activity and stability of enzyme was 5 and (5-7), respectively . Heat stability of enzyme increased in the presence of Ca++ ione, at a concentration of 0. 001 M , when the enzyme retained all of its activity when heated to 80 °C for 20 min while 30 % of the activity remained at 90°C for 30 min . Kinetic constants study when using starch as a substrate showed that Km was 0.55% and Vmax was 255.75 unit /ml

Effect of spraying yeast suspension, and time of cutting on growth and content of henna plant from Tannins and

Sammera M. Salih Al-Samaraee . Abdul Razzak O. Hassan

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 104-115

This experiment was carried out at the College of Agriculture, University of Basrah, Gharmat
Ali during the period from 20/8/2009 up 1/6/2010 with the objective of studying the effect
of activated yeast suspension, and time of cutting and their interaction on , certain active
substances of Lawsonia inermis L. cv. Minite. The experiment included 6 factorial treatment,
in whichs two factor namely activated yeast extract(at concentration of 0, 1, and 2 g/L) and the
time of cutting (7/12/2009 and 1/6/2010) was investigated. The plants were treated by spraying
the shoot system three times at one month intervals, A completely randomized block design
was used in a factorial combination of the two factor and eight replicates . The results were
analyzed using the analysis of variance and revised least significant test was used to compare
mean values at 0.05 probability level.

Effect of potato Solanum tuberosum and lemon Citrus sinesis extracts on callus induction and development of two local Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties

Weam M. Hussein; Hussein K. Al-Ka; aby; and

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 116-126

The success of plant tissue culture as a mean of plant propagation is greatly influenced by the nature of the culture medium used and the nature of its additional constituents.
Adding these constituents to the nutrient medium is not cost-effective. For that reason researches focused on finding some alternative constituents that minimize cost of nutrient medium preparation without affecting its ability to enhance micropropagation processes.

In this study we use plant extracts as a substitute to the commonly used additives in wheat micropropogation. We add potato and lemon extracts separately at concentrations of 3 and 6 ml/l to the nutrient medium and compare their effects on callus induction and development for two local wheat varieties named Hashimiah and Maxipac with commonly used additives as a control. We use 2, 4-D and NAA at concentrations (mg/l) 2, 1 respectively as growth regulators adding theme separately to the nutrient medium.

Isolation and Identification of Phenol -2- methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) ,Eugenol and Caffeic Acid Compounds from Prosopis farcta Fruits and Study of Their Activity as Drugs Against Pathogenic Bacteria of Urinary Tracts

Abbas Dawwas Matter Al-Maliki; Nezar Latif Shihab Al-DeenHusham Mnahi Talib Al- Ryhani

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 134-155

propenyl) were isolated and identified from Prosopis farcta fruits . The is recommended to use
the phenolic compounds as herbal therapeutic substituents for treatment of urinary tracts
infections instead of antibiotics physical and chemical methods were used in identification such as
UV-vissible and infrared spectra , thin layer chromatography , column chromatography , fanctional
groups test, gas-chromatography-mass spectrum and melting point . The medicinal The
phenolic compounds (caffeic acid,eugenol and phenol -2- methoxy -3-(2-activity for compounds
isolated with concentration ( 150 mg / ml ) , were studied against five types of pathogenic bacteria of
urinary tracts infections, are Escherichia coli , Staphylococcus aureus , Proteus sp. , Klebsiella sp.
and Pseudomonas aeraginosa . The minimal inhibitory concentration and cellular toxicity of
these compounds , were determined , also the medicinal activity of isolated phenolic compounds ,
was compared with some antibiotics such as ampicillin , cephlaxin , ciprofloxacin , streptomycin
and tetracycline . The phenolic compounds showed that they have a highest medicinal effect
for inhibition of bacteria growth than antibiotics . It was found that isolated compounds have no a
toxic effect against red blood cells of human . As a result , it is recommended to use the
phenolic compounds as herbal therapeutic substituents for treatment of urinary tracts infections
instead of antibiotics having side effects but this work demands further clinical and
pharmaceutical studies .