ISSN: 1817-2695

Volume 38, Issue 4

Volume 38, Issue 4, Autumn 2012, Page 1-129

Designing and ManufacturingMilk Pasteurization Apparatus by Ohmic Heating and studying Its Efficiency

HilphyHaiderI.Ali and Ghassan F. Mohsin; Asaad R.S.Al-Hilphy

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 1-18

A device for pasteurizing milk by ohmic heating was designed, manufactured, and its efficiency was studied and tested. This device pasteurizes milk and consist of the following parts : raw milk tank made ofstainless steel double jacket of 25L capacity, feed pump , heat exchanger of 120 cm length and 1.25 cm diameter , heating tube made of Teflon of 36 cm length and 5cm diameter .and stainless steel electrodes that heat milk at three different voltage 220 ,110,80 V . These electrodes are organized in the tube in parallel way and the distance between them is 5.5cm. The device also included a holding tube of 4cm length and 1cm diameter to hold milk for 15sec. at 72°C ,It has an electric valve , delivery valve and manual valves. The results have shown the following:The perfect voltage for milk pasteurization by using ohmic heating is 80Vwhich gave milk of good quality , while 110,220Vgave milk of bad quality. The electric conductivity and trend are increased with the increase of temperature in the ohmic heating at 220,110,80V and decreased with the increase of temperature at 220V. The period of keeping milk in the device decreased with the increase of voltage in the ohmic heating which was less than HTST. Heating speed increased as applied potential difference increased and it was higher when using heating for all potential differences than conventional heating and HTST. Productivity amounted to ohmic heating device when 220, 110, 80V and conventional pasteurization rapid 25.2, 23.3, 23.3, 5 L /h respectively . Characterize ohmic heating on the V 80 as the highest coefficient of performance was 0.80, compared with 220 110, which was then the performance coefficient of 0.49, 0.76 respectively . Tested chemical , microbial and phosphatase test indicate the efficiency of pasteurization by ohmic heating .

Analysis Procedure of correlated Categorical Data (Dependent Data)

Fadhil Abdul Abbas Al Abidi

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 19-29

This research interested in study the method of statistical analysis of categorical Data (Count Data) where the responses is a pairs associated with each other, where they were addressed to the mathematical foundations used in the analysis of the data of this type. The research has adopted on the application by studying the rates of graduating students and their relationship acceptance rates at the Institute of their adoption of the classification of these observations under (Positive , Negative) by depending on the student average ( rate) compared with the overall of rate of the phenomenon , it turns out the application for the researcher to increase the proportion of Odds Ratio for the benefit of higher graduation rates and there is correlation between the two phenomena(Odd = 0.60).

Studying Of Topographic and Navigation changes Study For Khor Abdullah channel

Hassen K.H. Al-Mahmood and Auday A.Awad; Jameel T. Al-Ali

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 30-41

A field and disk study were conducted to determine the Iraqi coastal changing due to erosion and deposition processes starting from Shatt Al-Arab estuary and Khor Abdullah Shaytana Khor and the front of Kuwait coast.
The result showed different average was happening after compared the admerallin chart of 1964and 2010 years in these coast .deposition process was happened at the southern coastal of shatt Al-Arab about 385 m with 8.36m/year progressing the zero line toward the Iranian coast during 46 years, this because of the low speed of current and the accumulation of suspended load especially near Fao .While erosion process were occurred and reduced the zero line at the Iraqi coast in Abdullah entrance about 284m at average of that mean 6.17 m/years during 46 years ,Because of high speed of flood current in this part of channel. Disagreement with this result the Kuwait side advantage from this change generally, where erosion operation reached to 375 m that is about 8.15 m/years ,while deposition operation reached to 540m that is 11.73

Lipid profile in periodontitis and type 2 diabetes patients

Sami Jaber al-Maliki and ShathaQasimKadhim

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 42-59

Present study was carried to determine the of lipid profile and standards of blood in patients with periodontitis and patients with Type 2 diabetes, collected blood samples from the centre of teeth Specialist , Diabetes Centre and Endocrine in Hospital Fayhaa General and the Diabetes Centre and Endocrine in Hospital AL-MoanaainBasrah governorate , was chosen as the sample randomly,'s (102) individual adults and the rate of (51) males and (51) females, the sample was divided into three groups equal in number, each group containing (17) members of the male and (17) females., as follows : Controlgroup,periodontitis and Type 2 diabetesgroups The results of the present study showedsignificant increased inlevels of cholesterol , triglycerides (T.G) ,Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and very low density Lipoprotein (VLDL)at a probability level (P <0.05) in each of the periodontitis group and type 2 diabetesgroup when compared with the control group .

Effect the addition of equivalent ratio of mechanical firtilizarers on growth of date palms (Phoenix dectylifera L.) Barhi cultivar

Temimi; Ebtihaj Handel . Al

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 60-73

This study was conducted in one of agriculture field in Abu-Khasib village at Basra province .so the aim of this study is to know the values of effect some of chemical fertilizer and its urine and the aim is to provide the nitrogen elements and also to know the effect of fertilizer type triple super phosphate as like a source of phosphor and Sulfate potassium as like a source of potassium elements. The ratio of fertilizer which was added to date palm (2:1:1)(N.P.K)and(2:1:2)(N.P.K) so the depth of fertilizer add with differ value (15cm)and(30cm) after that’s the results shown of fertilizer with ratio (2:1:2) and (2:1:1) added with depth (30cm)that’s lead to the increment growth of date palm ,also recorded the highest moral increment in the number of date palm leaves rate and also increment the value contents of chlorophyll and carbohydrate and protein value in leaves too and with values as follow( 3.063% ,2.563%, 0.1690%, 13.10% ) and this is also lead to moral increment in concentration of minerals (N.P.K) of leaves to date-palms of Barhi cultivar .

The Effect Of Natural And Artificial Food On The Growth Of) Barbus sharpyie Gunther,1874) larvae Cultured In Floating Cages

Khalid William Maykil Farnar; Ahmed shihab Al-hassoon and Shaimaa Abdul Kari

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 74-81

The effect of natural and three kind of artificial foods studied on growth rate and survival of Barbus sharpyie larvae with length rate 9 mm and weight rate 0.00098 gm . Floating cages were chosen as a control environment reared in earthen pond, , the cages were distributed to be 1,2,3 which feed on artificial food and 4,5,6 which depends on natural food from April to May 2010 . 30 larvae used in each cage 1 larvae /1.2 liter of water density ,The environmental parameters , the length rate , weight rate , survival and growth rate was studied . The environmental parameters shows that all of the parameters were suitable for the culture of Barbus sharpyie. The result shows that a significant shift in food was occurred according to age .the result shows that the highest rang of length was 46, ,43,39 mm with weight rate 2.0340 , 1.8771,1.0650 gm, and survival 90%,85%,75% in the cages 1,2,3 with top grains increase weekly rate 1.3501, 1.0084 ,0.8885 gm/week and lowest grains increase weekly rate 0.0025 ,0.0012,0.0005 gm/week constantly . and highest rang of length 31,30,27 mm, with weight rate0.9842 , 0.7683, 0.2261gm in cages 4,5,6 with top grains increase weekly rate0.7317,0.4389 ,0.1132 gm/week and lowest grains increase weekly rate 0.0009,0.0069 ,0.0004gm/week constantly with survival 70% ,65% and 60% 1n cage 4,5 and 6 constantly. This study is to learn The effect of natural and three kind of artificial foods on growth rate and survival of Barbus sharpyie larvae Cultured in Floating cages

Study the effect of temperature and modulation of injection current on the performance of VCSE laser

Ali MahdyChekheim and Chassib Abdul-HussianEmshary

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 82-100

VCSEL dynamics widely affected by temperature and current modulation and it shows dynamics ranging from steady to chaotic ones .The results obtained proved therichness of itʼs various dynamics especially the chaotic one which is important in chaotic communication

Study the stability and chaos of vertical cavity surface- emitting semiconductor laser(VCSEL)

Ali MahdyChekheim and Chassib Abdul-HussianEmshary

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 101-118

We have studied the vertical cavity surface emitting semiconductor laser chaoswith and without noise under the effect of many parameters that appeared in the (Sciamanna et al) model, vis injection current , rate of feedback, relaxation rates of electric field and carriers, coupling between amplitude and phase ,Dichroism and Birefringence.This system shows rich and varieties in behavior such as stable , periodic, multiperiodic, aperiodic and different types of chaos.These results make this system so important in the study of instabilites in laser devices.

The effect of some environmental factors on adult density of the barnacles Balanusamphitriteamphitrite at the water intake station Najibiyah Electric Power in Basrah governorate

Nasser A. Al.Mansour and Aliaa H. Mizhir; Manal M. Akbar

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences), Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 119-129

effect of some environmental factors on the density of the adult of the barnacles Balanusamphitriteamphitrite was studied at water intake of Al-Najibiyah electric power station for the period from December 2010 until November 2011, as samples were collected a record of 12 duplicate each month of the study area as well as measured the environmental factors. Results showed that the density of adult barnacles ranged between (55-139) individual / 100 cm 2 water temperature ranged between 16.4 ºc - 28.5 ºc and salinity between 1.2 - 2 mg / L, pH between 6.8 to 7.8, the concentration of calcium ranged between 310-470 mg / L, dissolved oxygen between 2.8 - 4.2 mg / L and the vital requirement of oxygen ranged between 1.3 - 9.4 mg / L. As shown a positive relationship between adult density and salinity, pH and the concentration of calcium and dissolved oxygen in water, while an inverse relationship emerged between adult density and water temperature and the vital requirement for oxygen.